Temp dungeons/ limited time items!

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Temp dungeons/ limited time items!

Post  Jimtwist on Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:46 pm

How about in this rumor'd 100 kill dungeon we have stealth boys...... a 30 second invis pot that you can drink. It will be very rare and also require you to take off your armor. Which would make you slow. I mean I want to hear a name of an area and be like " ooh yeah that place is nuts" Ya know? Sort of like a legendary kind of feel to certain areas. To get like a
a plasma rifle? Yes! its a 2 shot on full iron and has a second shooting cooldown. This gun would be very powerful but be legendary. The road to getting one would maybe be in donor island? Or maybe some sort of nethery area? We need one of those. Like lava and shit with burning netherrack/brick buildings? and zombie pigman! yea.... that would be nice and you would need like 4 players to actually get into the area via pressure plates. with lava/ zombie pit parkour! We need more of that more "Yeah I heard only 2 groups outa the 20 made it in alive.... but he got a gun that shot 2 mini nukes at once!" Well its late and this might just be one giant shit hole but thanks for reading anyway.... These ideas are good............I think also add more to donor and VIP to get more $!!!!!


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