Moderator Update / Patch 01

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Moderator Update / Patch 01

Post  xxxtrigger50xxx on Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:05 pm

The upcoming moderator update will remove all current mods. We will be keeping to mods as "noble" mods. If they accept the new rules and etc.

Notable Changes:

  • 1. Mods can no longer vanish.
  • 2. Mods can no longer switch game modes.
  • 3. Mods can no longer build.
  • 4. The mod types have been reduced, increasing overall server performance.
  • 5. Large amount of moderator changes including rules.

This new system will dumb down mods but will pretty much turn mods into "hero" like players on the server. Meaning overall the server will look better and mods can attract and truly help players in ways they couldn't before.

Recent Update Posts:

The Mod Handbook


If a player is suspected of hacking you may ban them if you have heard multiple reports of a player hacking. Do not ban a player one on players word, if you are not sure even with multiple reports of a player hacking please report it to a Co-Owner or Owner.

If a player is insulting staff give them a warning and say these exact words "Username, please stop insulting the staff or you will be banned from the server." DO NOT confuse criticism with insulting, players are allowed to say they don't like certain staff members or certain things about the server.

If a player threatens to crash the server or DDOS the server immediately ban them. No matter what they say after, it doesn't matter who the player is.

After banning a player you must leave a comment on this forum saying why you banned them and any other useful information you can think of. If you ban a player wrongfully according to this guide you will be demoted. Think clearly when banning a player, it could save the server or get yourself in trouble. You are the protectors of our server and you must do what is right for the server at all times. No matter what your opinion is on a player.


You should only need to kick a player under one of these circumstances.

1. They are spamming the server or violated a warning you gave out to a player.

2. They are repeating questions and repeating staff names. For example saying "trigger" more then two times should result in a kick from the server.

3. Excessive swearing and racial comments.


You may mute a player for any of the reason below.

1. If a player is spamming the chat give them one warning. Then if they continue mute the player spamming for ten minutes. If they continue to spam after you have unmuted them ban them and report the player on the forums.

2. If a player is excessively swearing or using racial comments give them one warning to stop or they will be muted. If they continue the behavior after muting them for ten minutes you may ban the user and report it to the forums.

Do not forget to unmute a player that you have muted. Do not leave the server until you have unmuted the user. If you need to leave please inform another staff member to handle the user for you. If no one is on unmute the user and report it on the forums. Failure to follow this will result in a demotion.

Combat Logging:

If a user breaks the server combat logging rule you may ban the user and report the entire story on the forums on why they were banned for combat logging. If the ban is judged as abuse or false the user will be unbanned but you will not be punished as long as you are honest with us.

THERE IS NO WARNINGS FOR combat logging, it can only result in a imediate ban. However that does not mean when someone claims that someone else has combat logged do not ban them right away. Get information on what happened first and figure out what to do after that. If you fell un certain when banning the player for combat logging please say so in your report for banning the player! It will keep you safe from ANY demotion! We understand that the position you are in may be difficult to make the right choice, just make sure to be honest and do not be biased to the player being banned. If your best friends with the player we expect you to not consider that when deciding weather or not to ban a player.

Donors and Banning:

You may never ban a donor for anything, other then Combat Logging and Threatening to shut down the server or DDOS attack the server. However you are free to mute the donor, you need to report the donor for why you think they need to be banned. You must be honest on your reasoning and there must be no bias towards the player you think should be banned. Only owners and coowners may ban a donor rank.

If you do ban a donor leave a comment on the forum saying why you banned them in detail. Donors should be respected by staff, so make the decision to ban a donor very smartly and with a clear head.

Killing other players:

When becoming a mod you are basically becoming a hero. You cannot kill any player with less then ten kills. This is because we need our staff to help all users in anyway possible. This includes helping them get started and understanding how the server works.

If you are attacked by another player you may of course kill the player in self defense. Abusing this rule wll result in a demotion and removal from the ability to rank up or be a mod.

When killing players over the amount of ten kills, you cannot kill them unless they have any type of iron armor on. This means if a player has iron boots you can kill them.  If they have full chain you may NOT kill them, even if they have over ten kills. This prevents mods from looking like bandits and will help the server mods look better in general.

Other changes can be found on the Minecraft FALLZ forum.

Patch 01:

1. Rare weapons have had their spawns nerfed greatly in all military spawns.
2. Diamond armor spawn rates were nerfed greatly in heli crash sites.
3. Stone swords have a very low spawn rate in residential spawns now.
4. All iron armor spawns were reduced in all military spawns.
5. Pistol ammo spawns were cut in half, reducing the amount of ammo spawned greatly.

Also welcome to the new forums page for FALLZ. We plan to utilize this for moderating purposes and to get dynamic feedback from players. Also the forums is going to be a great place for us to develop a really good community!


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