Events on server

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Events on server

Post  Meritus on Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:06 pm

I think events on server would be fun, besides those events would bring something new.

Some ideas:

1. labyrinth event - large labyrinth - first 3 ppl that will get out of it will receive some reward, perhaps PP.

2. Arena (1 vs 1) event - I think I don't have to explain this.

3. Capture the wool - Two teams (3 vs 3), team 1 have chest with 10 red wools, second team have chest with 10 blue wools, objective is to steal as much wool as you can from enemy chest and bring it to your chest, the team with most enemy wool wins - of course you have to stop enemy team

Example: START

Team 1 (Red) - 10 Red Wools
Team 2 (Blue) - 10 blue wools

Example: Finish after 5 minutes

Team 1 (Red) - 5 Red Wools, 8 blue wools.
Team 2 (Blue) - 2 blue wools, 5 red wools

Team 1 (Red) - 8 blue wools / while Team 2 (Blue) have only 5 red wools.

Winner: Team 1 (Red)


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