ronshii's Ban Appeal

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ronshii's Ban Appeal

Post  ronshii on Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:10 pm

A month or two ago, I was caught hacking by one or more of the owners. I am not going to waste my time or yours denying this, as it is true. However, I have learned from this mistake and have changed. I no longer use my client. I am very sorry for what I have done, but after all this time, I don't want it too end like this. Ive realized that FallZ was more to me than I had originally thought, and I really want to be a part of its great community again. I also promise to use my experience with hacked clients to find and report other hackers. This server is the last thing I have to remember Ben by, and I will not let it go to waste.
Sincerely- ronshii/Elegron

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