Ideas for a few new mods/attachments

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Ideas for a few new mods/attachments

Post  MKR1 on Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:20 am

Laser Sight Attachment- Used for higher accuracy, without attaching a scope.
+Accuracy (Almost equal to a low capacity scope attachment)
All weapons launcher and LMGs
Bandolier Strap- A simple attachment that makes reloading take less time. Attach to gun for easier access to your ammunition.
-Reload Speed
All Light Machine Guns
All shotguns
CZ Sniper Rifle

Weapons Cleaning Kit- Maintenance on your weapon is key to proper use. The cleaning kit increases the preformance of your gun to almost new.
-Time between shot
All Guns
Folding Stock Mod- Replaces current stock with a foldable stock, or adds a foldable stock.
-Weight of gun*
All assault and sub machine guns
Bump Stock Attachment- Turns some semi-automatic weapons into automatic
+ Automatic shooting
CZ Sniper

*If it's even possible, if it isn't, disregard the ones with the asterisk next to them.

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