Moon/space update suggestion

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Moon/space update suggestion

Post  MKR1 on Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:06 am

This thread is a WIP. This suggestion is quite lengthy, and I don't have enough time right now to post it all at once. So I'm going to post bits as I go, and if it is liked, then I'll finish it. Anything in spoilers is WIP.

So, as I see and hear, the server bases most of its functions, features, and mechanics off of DayZ and Fallout. I understand that the server does that, but I'd like to suggest something that give the server it's own spin on the apocalypse. I really like how well the server is setup, and how it updates on themes. I would like to suggest a possible update for later(probably much later). The update would be a space and/or moon theme.
Here is a rough draft of what it will be mapped out like (Not added yet)
The update would cover these server features:

  • Armor
  • Contaminated Areas
  • Zombies
  • Armor
  • Guns
  • Loot
  • Misc. New Items

Ways to get to and fro the moon/space base:
  • Through a/the space aviation facility (Not built) (No pictures yet)

Pre-War, plans were made by Bogen Medical to begin work on a research and development facility connecting to a military space station. The
Kedr- The weapon of choice by the guards who were stationed at the base. The Kedr is a light weight, small automatic pistol. The Kedr is designed to be used with multiple attachments, and easy customization.
Misc. New Items:
Gravity Grenade- A prototype grenade engineered by the military for anti-terror purposes, was quickly put into action instead for fighting the infected off. The complex device implodes on detonation, throwing all nearby targets toward together.
X - Imploding Detonation Shell - X
(Some high value electronics) - Sensor Module - (Some high value electronics)
X - Imploding Detonation Shell - X
Loot spots- Space Arsenal Storage, Space Gunships, Last stand room
Note: I have a code for this, but it needs to change its texture id, and needs the crafting recipe added.
Imploding Detonation Shell- Used to create Gravity Grenades
X - (Some Metal greater than scrap - X
(Some Metal Greater than Scrap) -X - (Some Metal Greater than Scrap)
X - X - X

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