The Reapers

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The Reapers

Post  Moldypizzacrust1 on Sun Feb 09, 2014 4:54 pm

Origin:The Reapers are a faction of thugs, criminals and drug dealers that operated in FALLZ. After the quarantine was erected, the group grew rapidly in both size and aggression. Controlled by Moldypizzacrust1, they were originally simple addicts and punks dealing drugs. Now they roam the streets and kill anyone who looks hostile.

Where we stand:We are a semi hostile, semi peaceful group. It all depends on how you treat us.

What is out goal:We have a simple goal that I'm sure many people will understand. Power, money & control. You may call us greedy bandits if you wish. I tend to look at it as wealthy survivors.

Recruitment:Send me a message though the forums page.

Traitors:Killing other members is deeply frowned upon. If you betray us for another faction, you will be hunted down.

Operations:We work in small 2-3 man teams. This way we are safe and we can cover more ground. If you wish you may use skype or teamspeak. I prefer skype, so be warned.

Allies:We aren't allies with anyone yet, we don't expect to become allies with anyone but if any other faction or clan offers a treaty, I'll consider it.

Current Members Leader:Moldypizzacrust1 Co-Leader:Xx_Michael102_xX HenchmenRift(I'll need to get your full username, sorry.)

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