☢ The Outcasts ☢

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☢ The Outcasts ☢

Post  Nonrefutal on Wed Feb 05, 2014 6:33 pm

◄ The Outcasts ►
Neutral, will attack immediately if provoked or if you look suspicious.
Allied Factions
The Outlaws
All purpose; Scavenging; trying to obtain the best gear.
Skill level
Very high, deal with extreme caution.

How to Join
Admission templates will be posted shortly after release.
Admission is tough because we only recruit the best. You might need to go through tests to prove your worth. You won't need to share your earnings, just be a team player. Treason will result in banishment after a swift death.
We are an elite group of scavengers who are not to be tested. We show no mercy. We have been outcasted from society, our patience is running low. We are a tight small group, so knowing everyone is a strongly recommended. We know all about (if we don't, we will) the current affairs on the server and important player news.

Member List and Ranks
There are no rank names, only numbers, for simplification. Format - Username (IGN)
1's - Leaders. No matter how much you suck up, you won't be promoted to this rank unless I want you to. Do not ask.

  1. Nonrefutal aka KenDawg (kendawg24)

2's - Right hand men. You will get here if you're chill and know what you're doing.

  1. barba27 (barba27)

3's - You've implemented yourself in enough helpful situations to show you've earned your keep. Welcome aboard.

  1. ---

4's - You've aquired our attention and we want you to hang with us. This is our sort of "trial" group. We'll decide if your fit to join us.

  1. ---


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