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Dungeon Info

Post  xxxtrigger50xxx on Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:21 pm

Sorry guys, im lagging really bad today and am unable to work on the server. However I have a small update for donor island.

Donor island is going to have 3 dungeons total! Which will be the first dungeons throughout the map! It will remain like this until after the Market Update!

Dungeons & how they work:

Dungeons have dynamic loot. This means you wont be finding ordinary swords. You might find a wood sword but it'll be called a "Crappy Wood Sword" or something. Many of these items you find in dungeon areas will be enchanted.
As you head deeper into the dungeon the loot rates will get better and better. This means if your on floor one expect crappy loot. If you on floor 5 expect fantastic loot! Each dungeon will also have a boss and a special dungeon chest according to the difficulty of the dungeon and the boss. Dungeons will be difficult. You will need a team to get past floor 3 or higher.

Dungeons will have traps, special companions, secret rooms, special mobs and etc. The probability of dieing will be high. Thus dungeons are end game places.

Dungeons will have some setbacks, only one group of players can face a boss at a time. EX: Group 1 engages a boss the door behind them is locked. Group 2 enters and reaches the boss door but has to wait for the door to open. Dungeons only have set exits. Meaning players could simply camp them and wait for a player to exit. We may add in a exit random teleport button for players to escape safely.
Dungeons will be a 1 way ticket. If you enter a dungeon it will more then likely will be a one way ticket to death or victory. Not all dungeons will be like this.


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